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Drawing by yours truly, Tori!

My spiritual bonding with Tord

I've started falling in love with Tord back when I was a Google+-dwelling 12 y/o in 2016 when the Eddsworld fandom was at its wankest. Having a crush on Tord isn't a rare thing; in fact, it's extremely common since he's a popular character after all. (Hell, he's even on the Sexypedia!) But it was short-lived since at the time I prioritized my selfshipping for Asriel Dreemurr's god of hyperdeath form.It wasn't until 2021 when the slight and short-lived crush came back to me thanks to my Friday Night Funkin' brainrot at the time. Then came my second EW brainrot. In October 2021, I've even bought some merch from the Red October promotion.

Fast forward to three years, and I've gained a third EW brainrot, which originally spawned from my obsession with joking about the infamous TBATF webcomic and several news from the official Eddsworld account (advertisements for the Tord YouTooz figure (despite my hatred for the brand), and Tord's possible return to the EW canon).I'm currently on this hyperfix because the series holds a special place in my heart, despite having been exposed to it at a very late time (2016). It makes me feel young and rejuvenated tbh.

Now the reason why I imbue myself as the character is due to a changed mindset I have while watching or creating something EW-related. I shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable for kinning an EW character solely for "factkinning" since they're all just fictional caricatures completely divorced from their real-world counterparts at the end of the day.I chose to form a not just a kin, but a spiritual bond with Tord because he's a silly, chaotic, and energetic gremlin, has desires for world domination, and embodies the term "evil autism" in my headcanon. Also because I want to sound mystical LOL!!! His current Beyond design reminds me of strawberries (my favorite fruit) so it's why I affectionately call him a strawberry.
Thanks for reading my small essay!!

"Evil autism" - (in my own words) a form of autism in which overstimulation is favored, such as constantly fidgeting/moving around, loud music, maximalist visuals, etc.